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In 20th May 2021, The Federation of Malaysia Chinese Commerce Association (FEMACCA) obtained the Training Provider certification from the Human Resources Board of Malaysia (HRDCorp).

The Malaysian Chinese Commerce Association established the FEMACCA Business School (FBS) in 2017. In the early days of its establishment, in addition to providing high-quality corporate courses for the 124 members of the Association, it's also open to SMEs to participate.

In 2017, FBS signed a memorandum with Alibaba Business School (ASEAN e-commerce) to jointly promote and lead Malaysian Chinese companies and businesses to the digital transformation towards the regional and international e-commerce business. In 2017 and 2018, three ASEAN e-commerce advanced training courses were held. The training was carried out by well-known tutors under Alibaba. The main training targets were heads of traditional Chinese business enterprises and senior managers. During the training, the participants flew to Hangzhou for on-site training, visited many e-commerce companies in China that have successfully transformed from traditional operations. Participants benefited a lot from the in-depth understanding of the history of successful companies before and after the digital transformation.

In 2018, FBS successively signed a memorandum of understanding with TusStar and the University of Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) to become strategic partners, and continued to strengthen business opportunities and high-quality business education for enterprises. In the same year, FBS with Ali Cloud (ALI Cloud) jointly Organized Malaysia's first entrepreneurial competition (Create) to provide incubation, angel funds and venture capital opportunities for Malaysian technology-based project companies.

In 2021, FEMACCA Business School obtained the Training Provider certification from the Human Resources Development Corporation of Malaysia (HRDCorp), and will introduce more professional courses to provide businesses with a wider range of practical training courses, including Product Source Certification , JAKIM Halal Certification, ISO, etc., to assist Malaysian businesses to prepare to keep a foothold to the world. In order to help entrepreneurs to connect with overseas enterprises, FBS also provides a platform for connecting with overseas businesses – “championsclub.my”, so that entrepreneurs can integrate and optimize corporate resources more effectively in multiple aspects and in multiple forms. Members are gaining more advantages in expanding the business landscape and making full use of the matching platform to achieve the strategic goal of long-term corporate benefits.

Certification Unit

HRDCorp Registered Training Provider

Strategic Partners

Alibaba Business School



SEGI College

Waseda University

Huaqiao University


Prof. Dr. Chen Tien Shi

School of International Liberal Studies, Waseda University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Au Yong Hui Nee

Dean, Faculty of Business and Finance, University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Prof. Dr. Zhong Da Rong

Director of HQU Institute of Overseas Chinese, Huaqiao University, China

Dr. Leung Kin Cheong Laurent

Executive Director VINCO Financial Group Limited,Hong Kong

Mr. Yeoh Tze Hwa


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