Enterprise Gold Champion and Famous Brand Award‧Awarding Ceremony to be held in December

Wong Jian Min (fourth from the left in the front row) presided over the launching ceremony of the “Fourth Enterprise Gold Champion Award” and “The Second Malaysian Brand Award”, and took a group photo with the directors and guests of the organizer, Ye Fucai and Chen Ruyue from the left in the front row , Lin Jinsong, Zhou Shaocong, Zhang Qiyang and Ma Junhao.

(Kuala Lumpur, 16th) The “4th Enterprise Golden Champion Award” and “The 2nd Malaysian Famous Brand Award” hosted by the Federation of Chinese Industries of Malaysia were hosted by Dr. Wang Jianmin, Vice Minister of International Trade and Industry.

These two awards were recognized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of China and co-organized by TusStar, and the award ceremony was held in December this year.

Wong Jian Min: Encourage companies to expand

In his speech, Wang Jianmin said that these two awards are a good platform for local entrepreneurs to encourage them to continue to expand their business in Malaysia.

He also hopes that the struggling experience of the award-winning companies can inspire other companies, and enable Malaysian entrepreneurs to build confidence, develop their potential at home and abroad, and expand the scale of their development.

Lin Jinsong: Rigorous review rather than abuse

On the other hand, Lin Jin Song, President of the Malaysian Chinese Industry Association, pointed out in his speech that the “Golden Champion Award” has commended 59 successful entrepreneurs in the past 3 sessions, while the “Malaysian Top Brand Award” has commended 56 well-known entrepreneurs. Brand.

He emphasized that the evaluation of these two awards is rigorous and insists on Ning Que not abuse, and the enterprises and company operators who sign up must have business ethics and good reputation.

The guests who attended the above launch ceremony included the “4th Enterprise Gold Champion Award” and “The 2nd Malaysia Famous Brand Award”, the chairman of the judging committee and the chairman of the Malaysian Brand Association, Dato Zhang Qiyang, the judging member and the director of the Kuala Lumpur Smart Professional Business Group, Cai Baofang, and the judge Member and Vice President of the University of Raman, Professor Zhong Zhiqiang, General Manager of TusStar Malaysia Chen Ruyue, Director of the Malaysia-China Business Council Research Office Dr. Gan Dezheng, Sponsor EIK Engineering Co., Ltd. Managing Director Zhang Jinwen, Supporting Unit Malaysia International Youth Chamber of Commerce Acting President Liu Weiwen, President of the Chain Store Association of Malaysia Datuk Seri Cai Jiasheng, Acting President Datuk Ip Fook Choi, General Secretary and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the “Fourth Malaysian Enterprise Golden Champion Award” Zhou Shao Cong, and members of the Association.

“The 4th Enterprise Gold Champion Award”

The “Fourth Enterprise Golden Champion Award” is commended for leaders of large, medium and small enterprises at all levels who excel in all walks of life at home and abroad or who are enthusiastic about public welfare. The winners of the Golden Champion Award will be awarded to the most forward-looking and outstanding entrepreneurs at home and abroad. The honor is for personal achievements. The awards cannot be transferred to the company or its business partners.

“The 2nd Malaysia Famous Brand Award”

Relevant awards are divided into 4 categories, namely, Malaysia Top Brand Award, Malaysia Supreme Brand Award, International Famous Brand Award and International Supreme Brand Award. All Malaysian domestic and foreign merchant companies or subordinate brands can sign up.

The application deadline for the above two awards is September 30 this year. For more details, please visit the official website https://championsclub.my,Phone Number:03-9200 5105。

News Source : 星洲日报 2019-07-18 https://www.sinchew.com.my/content/content_2085241.html

Wong Jian Min: The Prime Minister's Second Visit to China, Relations Leap Forward Help SMEs cooperate with Chinese capital

Wong Jian Min (third from right) presided over the drumming ceremony. From the left are Ye Fucai, Chen Ruyue and Lin Jinsong, and from the right are Zhou Shaocong and Zhang Qiyang.

(Kuala Lumpur, 16th) The Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Wang Jianmin pointed out today that Chinese investment in my country has increased significantly after Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir’s visit to China for the second time and his support for Huawei.

He said that the government will try to assist local companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to cooperate with Chinese capital, and then become part of the supply chain.

Wong Jian Min said that the government attaches great importance to the diversified market of products. Although China is my country’s largest trading partner country, it accounts for less than 20% of my country’s total trade volume.

“Other attractive markets, such as India, the Middle East and Africa, can all become targets for expanding our country’s exports.”

Wong Jian Min said this in an interview with reporters after presiding over the launching ceremony of the 4th Enterprise Gold Champion Award and the 2nd Malaysian Famous Brand Award for the Malaysian Chinese Industry Association today. Wang Jianmin also witnessed that Lin Jinsong, President of the Bank, presented a certificate of appreciation to representatives of the co-organizer, support and review unit.

The award-winning company deserves its name

Wang Jianmin said that local companies can increase their corporate reputation through the corporate awards platform of the head office, and then set foot in overseas markets.

In his speech at the ceremony, he pointed out that, as President Lin Jinsong said, the award-winning companies are well-deserved, and everyone has a strong feeling that they are “you”.

He said that the government needs the cooperation of the business community to implement policies. The government is willing to listen to the opinions of the business community and make coordination on policies that are not recognized.

He encouraged the award-winning companies to explore overseas export markets and build Malaysia’s reputation through corporate brands.

110 members join the headquarter

In his speech, Lin Jin Song said that at the beginning, the head office consisted of 18 groups, and so far it has been joined by 110 various trades and chambers of commerce, and this number will continue to increase.

He said that the head of the bank acts as a bridge between the people and the government, and also leads representatives from all walks of life to communicate with the government and reflect market conditions.

He pointed out that among the numerous activities of the bank, the most important ones are the above two awards launched in 2013.

He said that many Chinese entrepreneurs are self-made, relying on hard work, entrepreneurship and innovation to establish a foothold in the business world and lead the group. The entrepreneurs who receive awards are role models for everyone to learn from and follow.

Lin Jin Song specifically mentioned the earth-shaking changes brought to the funeral service industry by Tan Sri Kwong Hon Kwong, the founder and executive chairman of Fortune Group.

Nominations for Enterprise Gold Champion and Brand Awards are accepted

Nominations for the Enterprise Gold Champion Award and the Malaysian Brand Award begin today, and the deadline is September 30 this year.

The co-organizer of the above two awards is TusStar. The attendees at the ceremony include Acting President Datuk Ip Fucai, Secretary-General Zhou Shao Cong, Chief Executive Officer of TusStar Malaysia Chen Ruyue, and President of the Malaysian Brand Association. Supervisor Zhang Qiyang (Chairman of the Review Committee), Cai Baofang, Director of Kuala Lumpur Smart Professional Business Group (review), Ma Junhao, Acting Chairman of the Malaysian Entrepreneurship Promotion Association (PUMM), Gan Dezheng, Research Director of Malaysia-China Business Council, Zhang Jinwen, Managing Director of EIK Engineering Pte Ltd , Chen Weilong, operating partner of Chengguo Accounting Group, etc.

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