Celebrating Entrepreneurial Spirit & Achievement

An industry is prosperous because of its uniqueness and innovation.

A champion is standing out because of faith and persistence.

A brand is famous because of its quality and potential.

An award was awarded to affirm its beliefs and achievements.

FEMACGA organised the 1st Golden Entrepreneur Award in 2013 to recognize the outstanding entrepreneur, through their successful story encourage and give inspiration to motivate other entrepreneur.

The outstanding entrepreneur, from the initial business opening, struggle for success until become the industries leader, their story are worth learning. Especially the non-copy able technology industry passed down from the ancestors. The spirit of never give up was admired by everyone.

For those entrepreneurs who continue to promote the country economic development, motivate and support the younger generations; one award is not enough to demonstrate their hard work and achievements. Therefore, FEMACGA present the lifetime achievement award as the highest respect and appreciation on their contribution.

The brand represents the desire of the designer, positive, meaningful and inspiring. The successful brand also includes culture, strength and conscience. Pursue preserve good quality.

The Golden Entrepreneur Award and The Malaysia Brand Award have diverse local and international juries comprise with Malaysia Most respected CEOs, professional and leaders. The Jury committed the selection process is fair.

We hope everyone join us praises the outstanding entrepreneur, growth the country economy and maintain a healthy business culture together.



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